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Peter Englund

We at PEEP Stockholm has a passion for colour and glamour, We savor the chance to style people in clothing that oozes originality and personality.

Our stylists at PEEP Stockholm has a deep understanding of color and style and how it affects an individual’s overall appearance. With extensive knowledge and experience, we can help clients to select the perfect outfit for the occasion with colors and fit that flatter their skin tone and body type. We bring out the best in every personality and make them shine with confidence.

We take the time to understand the personality of our customers and make sure that they are dressed properly for the occasion. Wether its the stage, TV, private birthday party, masquerade, Nobel afterparty or a job interview.

In our studio and showroom we have a lot of clothes and accessories that Peter has collected through the years. Vintage from brands like Vivien Westwood, Thierry Mügler or Jeremy Scott for example. And also lots of our own design. What we don’t have we can make. We have a fully equipped sewing studio with a highly educated staff.

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