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Peter Englund

Peter Englund as a stylist with a passion for color and glamour, I savor the chance to style personalized clothing that oozes originality and personality.

Deep understanding of color theory and how it affects an individual’s overall appearance. With the extensive knowledge and experience, I can help clients to select the perfect colors that flatter their skin tone, eye color, and hair color, as well as their personality.

I believe that everyone has a unique style and personality, and it is my job to help them showcase it through their clothing. I enjoy collaborating with clients to create customized outfits that reflect their individuality and preferences. And I take the time to understand their lifestyle, preferences, and aspirations, which helps to create looks that not only look great but are also practical and functional.

Also an expert in accessorizing, and understands how the right accessories can transform an outfit and elevate it to the next level. I have a vast collection of accessories and knows how to use them to add that extra bit of glamour and personality to clients’ outfits.

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