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Peter Englund has designed clothes for more than ten years for stage productions, musical artists, TV, red carpet, Melodifestivalen, social media and much more. With personal experience of performing on stage and making tv he understands how to create clothes that is noticed.

In 2023 Peter Englund Epic Productions (PEEP) celebrated 10 years with a big fashion show and followed up the jubilee with fashion shows at Slow Fashion Week and Stockholm Beauty week.
In 2024 we will launch our web shop and the work continues for us to release new products for our customers all over the world during the year. We will also continue to make a splash in the fashion world by appearing on red carpets and TV among other things

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The Concept
Peter Englund Epic Productions (PEEP) is a concept that symbolizes freedom and love for creation without any real limits. For many within and outside of the entertainment industry PEEP is where they come for professional help with their appearance.

PEEP has been operating on Drottninggatan in the center of Stockholm city since 2012 and is the center of all projects that creator Peter Englund is involved in. The discreet location in the middle of the city is an oasis for clients in the entertainment industry and other customers.

Here we have a fully functional fashion and sewing studio with everything from showroom and offices to production.
We can make changes for the wearer usually as they wait and our staff are highly educated pattern makers, tailors and stylists.

This is where the magic that you see on stage, on the red carpet, TV and all different kinds of festivities happens.
Our focus is to make the client shine who ever they are and when ever they need help with perfecting their look for that special occasion.

Appointments can be made through the website.

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